Introduction (by Catharine Des Forges, ICO)

One of the most exciting things about contemporary cinema exhibition is the range of new curatorial voices and stories being told across cinema screens of all kinds.  At the Independent Cinema Office, we have played our part in encouraging those voices and facilitating their expression – and it’s imperative that we do that. Despite the… Continue reading Introduction (by Catharine Des Forges, ICO)

Imagine (by Sarah Wood)

Imagine. I open a British newspaper and read a report that in the days following the election of the new Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro military police entered twenty universities and confiscated teaching materials related to anti-fascist history and activism – an attack on thought, on freedom, on any form of opposition. I’m lucky I can… Continue reading Imagine (by Sarah Wood)

The Personal is Political (by Erica Carter)

On September 2018, an event in St Paul’s Church (Paulskirche), Frankfurt-am-Main, reaffirmed Margarethe von Trotta’s status as a cineaste of major international note. The occasion was the award ceremony for the Adorno Prize, given every three years in memory of the Jewish Marxist philosopher Theodor W. Adorno, and awarded in 2018 to von Trotta in… Continue reading The Personal is Political (by Erica Carter)